Teaching staff

Rie Wakimizu

Associate Prof

  • Faculty of medicine
  • Child Health Care and Nursing
  • Family Nursing CNS Course

Doctoral late course


Yumiko Saito

Master’s research theme

Difficulty feeling and its related factors on the End-of-Life care of children that NICU nurses embrace.

Doctor’s research theme

Development and Evaluation of an End-of-Life Family Support Education Program for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurses


Keita Sasaki

Master’s research theme

Development and reliability and validity evaluation of the Japanese version of The Quality of Discharge Teaching Scale (QDTS)

Doctoral early course


Rika Hayashi


Rurie Namiki


Iku Taniguchi

Completion student

Keiko Yamaguchi

Doctoral research theme

Research on the medical and social aspects of families of children with inborn errors of metabolism (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Special researcher 16J00782 )

Master’s research theme

Examination of the actual condition of QOL of children with inborn errors of metabolism and their families and related factors

Mikiko Sasaki

Master’s research theme

The experience and thoughts of a child’s family undergoing telemedicine

Hinako Kuwahara

Master’s research theme

Development of The STARx-P Japanese version~Actual conditions of transition preparation status for patients with chronic diseases from the perspective of parents in Japan

Kazuhiro Akimoto

Master’s research theme

Saori Saito

Master’s research theme

Ayumi Goto

Master’s research theme


Master’s research theme

Kozue Mochizuki

Master’s research theme

Mitsuki Yoshimoto

Master’s research theme