Recruitment of graduate students

Within the Nursing Science Degree Program, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, there are a 5-year course of “Master’s Program (2 years) and Doctoral Program (3 years)” whose main purpose is to train researchers, and “Family Nursing CNS Course Nursing Science Master’s Program (2 years)” course aimed at training senior nursing practitioners. If you want to become a researcher or teacher who will deepen your understanding of nursing for children and families in the future, or if you want to look back on your clinical experience academically, please go to graduate school and deepen your learning. It may open up a future that you never thought of. Those who wish to apply, those who are uncertain, those who want to consult, please contact Rie Wakimizu.

Seminar information

Either Monday or Thursday (FY2020 products)

  • ・Exchange of opinions on treatise criticism, research plans, etc.
  • ・Announcement and reporting of research plans and research progress
  • ・Rehearsal exercises for conference presentations and on-campus presentations
  • ・Planning, operation and reporting of social contribution projects

Course of graduates

University faculty, hospital nurse, go on to doctoral program, etc.